Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Writing Services

 Sometimes, after completing a piece of writing, we feel the need to show it to an experienced writer for honest and positive feedback. Ruth Latta has helped budding writers to develop their ideas into essays, memoirs, stories and novels, and to fine-tune their manuscripts. As Writer-in-Residence with the City of Ottawa at the Heron Road Centre, from September 1999 to February 2000, she helped developing writers and had the pleasure of seeing several go on to publish their work and win prizes. She has also provided editorial assistance independently, charging reasonable and negotiable fees. She has assisted a number of aspiring writers with book length works, several of which have been published, and one of which won the Ottawa Carleton Book Award (in English) in 1998. For information about hiring Ruth to help you expand, develop or edit your manuscript, e-mail her at


  1. As a professional biographer and memoir writer, I write biographies and memoirs that tell a person's story, in his own words, and in context. A biography or autobiography is the legacy we leave to the world in a book. manuscript format

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